Shrine Karaoke understands you’re looking for the best Korean Karaoke club in LA- and you’ll find it just past their front doors when you stop in with your friends for a fun-filled night of Karaoke, authentic Korean cuisine, drinks, entertainment and more. Shrine Karaoke is open every day of the week until 4am.

You’ve been to all the other clubs in LA- now come in to Shrine Karaoke and see what you’ve been missing. From their spectacular Egyptian motif decor to free karaoke every night until 2 with your combo order, there’s a lot to love about what locals are calling the best Korean Karaoke in all of LA.

Reserve your private club room online at or to make reservations over the phone, feel free to call 213-738-5034. Whether it’s just you and a few friends coming in for drinks, karaoke and dinner, or you’re planning a large event, there’s room for your whole group, however reservations are highly recommended.

Shrine Karaoke is the ultimate karaoke experience in LA. Sing your hearts out and when you’re voices give out you can plug your personal music into the sound system and chill while you order the best Korean cuisine in the city- hands down. Don’t believe it? Check out their menu online at Your dinner choices include But Go Ki (marinated sliced beef), Spicy Sauteed Octopus with noodles, Grilled Alta Mackeral, Bi Bin Bob, Seafood and Beef Fried Rice, Spicy Squid Stew, Kim Chi Fried Rice and many other options as well.

Choose from the side menu and enjoy  variety of fresh salads, soups, stews, sliced raw sea snail, sautéed kim chi with to-fu, deep fried Chicken Wings and much more.

You’re going to love the drink options- and Shrine Karaoke has not forgotten you probably have a designated driver along with your group. Non-alcoholic beverages include carrot juice, water melon juice, strawberry juice, red bull, Voss sparkling water and more.

Start the night out with a beer or order a combo that comes with your choice of bottle, two dishes from the menu and 2 Voss or soda includes. Your combo also includes free karaoke for your entire group until 2am. We highly recommend the combo if you and your group are on a budget and want to get the most value for your money.

Book your upcoming corporate event at the best Korean Karaoke house in LA. You’ll love not having to leave the entertainment behind and go out searching for a restaurant. Shrine Karaoke will help you plan the perfect party, from a small birthday gathering to a large wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party. They’ll take care of all the details so your guest of honor will enjoy a memorable night.

Bring your friends down to Shrine Karaoke and celebrate the weekend or just get together and coordinate your voices for an exciting karaoke night. Don’t forget to make a reservation to ensure a private club room will be available. Best Korean Karaoke In LA

2999 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

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