Are you and your friends looking for an exceptional time out? You can find karaoke on every corner in LA, but you may not know that Shrine Karaoke is unlike any other karaoke bar in LA. If you’re looking for an amazing experience that goes well beyond just karaoke singing, you’re going to love everything Shrine Karaoke has to offer- from their amazing food to the luxury interior decor and state-of-the-art sound system.

Think you can handle the cheers? Bring your group and hit the stage. When your voices give out, plug in your music to the world-class sound system and relax to your own music in one of the VIP club rooms while you enjoy drinks and dinner Shrine style. We recommend ordering a combo that features your favorite alcohol and choices from the menu. With your combo, karaoke is free until 2am!

When other clubs are closing down for the night, Shrine Karaoke is just getting ramped up; in fact the club is open 7 days a week until 4 in the morning. Guests love the European-Egyptian motif, the 15 private night-club style rooms and the high end bar experience without the high prices.

We recommend a reservation to hold your place at Shrine Karaoke, as it can get quite busy, especially on popular nights. You can reserve your Karaoke Room in LA online at or by calling (213) 738-5034.

Try a dinner option from the impressive menu and stay through until closing without having to leave to find a restaurant. Shrine Karaoke doesn’t serve quick, deep fried snacks like other Karaoke houses in LA, they have a full dinner menu and an amazing side dish menu. Choose from the following authentic Korean dinner options:

– Seafood Noodle Soup
– Red Snapper and Shrimp Salad
– Very Popular Deep Fried Dumplings
– To-fu Stew
– Spicy Squid Stew
– Kim Chi Fried Rice
– Bi Bim Bob
– And many others!

Feel like trying more than one specialty? Each of your party can order something different and share. You’re going to find Shrine Karaoke is your new favorite place for dinner and drinks.

Book your bachelor or bachelorette party at Shrine Karaoke and they guarantee your guest of honor will have the time of their life. Book your event and Shrine Karaoke will help you plan the perfect evening with all the amenities that will make your party memorable.

You’ve tried every Karaoke Club in LA, now discover where all your friends are hanging out. Shrine Karaoke is the one place you will not tire of anytime soon. You’re going to love the atmosphere, inviting music, unusual decor and private-club feel of this sophisticated night club that will have you telling your friends where the best place in the city is for karaoke.

Make your reservation for this weekend by going online to and filling out the brief booking form or call (213) 738-5034 if you would prefer to speak with someone in person. Karaoke In LA

2999 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

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