However many karaoke rooms there are in the downtown LA area, one thing is for certain- you won’t find a hotter spot than Shrine Karaoke. With a unique Egyptian motif and 15 nightclub-style rooms to party in, you and your friends will have a great time when you come out for the music, drinks and amazing food.

Guests at Shrine Karaoke love that the service is very friendly and the rooms are clean and large enough to accommodate for their group. Real Korean food is served alongside an incredible karaoke experience that is sure to impress you and your friends. Whether you’re looking for a place to cut loose for the night, to cater to your private birthday party or one that is able to accommodate your entire corporate event that’s on the horizon, you’ll find Shrine Karaoke is very obliging.

With a luxury, Egyptian motif interior and superior sound system, you’ll find Shrine Karaoke to be one of the most popular karaoke rooms in the downtown area. When everything else is closed for the night, Shrine is open until 4am, every day of the week, so when the mood hits you, you’ll always have a place to go and blow off some of that karaoke steam.

Shrine Karaoke serves up authentic Korean food, which is one of the reasons their karaoke house enjoys the popularity it does. From traditional Kim Chi and Book Ah Gook to Mi Yuk Gook and Sliced Korean Rice Cake Soup, their long and very impressive dinner menu is certain to have something for everyone in your party. The side dish menu is equally amazing, featuring hamburger steaks, deep fried shrimp, fried dumplings and much more.

Not all karaoke rooms in the downtown LA area offer the selection of alcohol you and your friends are looking for. Shrine Karaoke’s drink menu is one of the most extensive you’ll find in a karaoke house. Their beer and soju menu features high-end options with a generous non-alcoholic menu for the designated driver. Maximize your budget by purchasing a bottle combo that not only comes with your bottle, but also with 2 dishes and soft drinks. If you purchase a Whiskey combo, it includes 5 hites as well. Your options for Whiskey include:

– Glenfiddich 15 years
– Glenfiddich 18 years
– Glenfiddich 21 years
– Glenfiddich 30 years
– Macallan 12 years
– Macallan 18 years
– Macallan 21 years
– Johnny Walker Black
– Johnny Walker Blue
– Crown Royal Special
– Ballantine 17 Years
– Ballantine 21 Years
– Ballantine 30 Years
– Royal Salute

Vodka, tequila, cognac and champagne are also available for your combo. Book your reservations at Shrine Karaoke by visiting, and while on the website, check out the photo gallery. You and your friends are going to love partying at the Egyptian motif nightclub where all your friends are probably already visiting.

You’ve been to all the other karaoke rooms in downtown LA- now find out why Shrine Karaoke has them all beat. Make your next night on the town something to remember- and bring your friends.
2999 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

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