Shrine Karaoke is proud to cater to their guests with private karaoke club rooms in their LA karaoke house. They know there’s a lot of competition in the city for karaoke and that you can just about go to any corner in LA to find a place to sing- which is why they’ve created a unique, Egyptian themed nightclub with an exciting atmosphere, affordable prices and big city entertainment at its best.

Book your private karaoke room in LA at Shrine Karaoke and enjoy all the privacy of your own party space. Sing until the wee hours of the morning or plug your own device into the amazing sound system at Shrine Karaoke and relax while spending time with your friends. Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying the authentic Korean food, which, in itself, will keep you coming back to Shrine karaoke week after week!

Have you ever had to leave a club at the height of its entertainment to search out a restaurant for you and your guests? At Shrine Karaoke, you can stay all night until 4 in the morning. Everything you require is at hand, from a full menu of traditional Korean cuisine to tasty side dishes if you feel like a snack, ice cold beer and an impressive drink menu for your designated driver- everything from iced coffee to a variety of fresh juices, Red bull, sparkling water and much more.

Order the bottle combo for your group and choose from 2 dishes, 2 Voss or sodas and enjoy the courtesy of free karaoke until 2am, all included in one price. If you’re celebrating a special event, we recommend the Champagne Dom Perignon combo or choose from any one of the very special Whiskey combo options including 30 year old Glenfiddich, 21 year old Macallan, 31 year old Ballantine, Crown Royal Special, Johnny Walker Black or Blue and much more.

Birthday cake is on the menu as well, so bring your party over to Shrine Karaoke and their staff will guarantee your guest of honor has a terrific night. Shrine Karaoke is well-known throughout the community to be one of the most conscientious event planners in the area. Whether you’re planning for a bachelor or bachelorette party, a large corporate event or a celebration of another kind, there is room for your entire group; it’s essential, though, that you book your reservations ahead of time.

For the hottest private karaoke in LA, bring your friends in to the club that will make certain you have a fun-filled evening that doesn’t stop when all the other clubs are closing down for the night. Party until 4, laugh and make memories with the people you care about most.

Check out the photo gallery online at to see what you’ve been missing out on or make your reservations by phone by calling 213-640-2520. You’ll have the most karaoke fun you can have in the city at 2999 W 6th Street. Take the lighted staircase down to the club’s doors. Private Karaoke LA

2999 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

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