Are you seeking out a professional karaoke bar where you and your friends can have a great time? You’ll love Shrine Karaoke. Awarded Best Karaoke in 2014, Shrine has created a unique Egyptian themed karaoke house you’ll just have to experience to believe.

What exactly does Shrine Karaoke have that no other professional karaoke bar in the city has to offer? The list is pretty impressive: from a full-menu of authentic Korean cuisine to a very lengthy non-alcoholic drink menu for your designated driver, a wide selection of quality bottles for you and your guests to choose from, karaoke until 4am, excitement, affordable entertainment and so much more.

Make certain to book reservations, especially if you plan on visiting during a popular night. Reserve your private karaoke club room for your group and karaoke until your voices start to fade- then plug your own devices into the sound system. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the karaoke does. Sit back and relax, order something from the incredible dinner menu or side menu and chill.

We recommend that you and your group order a bottle combo that will come with your choice of vodka, tequila, champagne, cognac or something from the very impressive whiskey menu. Feel free to order from the drink menu as well if you want to try something different, such as a glass of fresh juice, an ice cold beer or something else.

Shrine Karaoke is the only professional Karaoke Bar in LA that is open 7 days a week until 4am, serving traditional Korean cuisine and exciting entertainment every single night of the week. They know you’ve already been to all the other clubs out there and are looking for a great time at a good value, which is why they cater specifically to their guests, to ensure every person in your group has the best time every time you walk through their doors.

Have you every been out partying with your friends only to have to leave your club when the entertainment was at its hottest, seeking out a restaurant that served food in the small hours of the morning? That’s not going to happen when you party at Shrine Karaoke. Order from their extensive dinner or side dish menu and try what locals consider to be the best Korean food in LA. Exotic seafoods, spicy meats, deep fried dumplings, kim-chi, soups, stews and much more are available nightly at Shrine Karaoke.

At Shrine Karaoke, locals appreciate that the staff is dedicated to the safety and comfort of their guests. You won’t find a rowdy crowd spoiling your great time or drunk guests wandering from private room to private room. Shrine Karaoke is the classiest professional karaoke bar in LA.

Reserve your private room online at or call 213-640-2520 if you are planning an upcoming event and require some assistance with the planning. Bring your friends, party or corporate event to Shrine Karaoke for the best entertainment value in the city. Professional Karaoke Bar LA

2999 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

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