Looking for a great time out on the town? You may not be aware there is a Korean karaoke spot in LA that just happens to be the hottest place in town. Whether you’re looking for a place to cut loose for the night, plan a private party or accommodate your entire corporate event, you’ll find Shrine Karaoke to be the perfect place for fun.

Are you in the process of planning out a bachelor party? Make it a night to remember. If you lack experience in this type of thing, simply leave the planning to the pros from Shrine Karaoke and you are guaranteed your friend or family member will have a great time. Their staff will turn your bachelor party into the celebration you have in mind with none of the worry that comes from having to take care of all of the details yourself.

What about a bachelorette party? You’ll naturally want everything to be perfect, from start to finish. The Korean Karaoke spot in LA will orchestrate the perfect party- and they will not be satisfied unless you and your guests are. Shrine Karaoke will to all out to ensure that you and your guests are able to relax and enjoy that special night out with the girls. Your bachelorette party will be perfectly tailored to fit your budget.

Shrine’s Korean Karaoke in LA is conveniently open every day of the week until 4am. Doors open at 6pm and offer an incredible sound system for your karaoke excitement. Locals come not only for the amazing karaoke experience, but for the very impressive dinner menu that includes deep fried dumplings, spicy rice cakes and Ramen, Red Snapper and seafood salad, Do to Ri Bibim Gook Soo, seafood noodle soup, sliced Korean rice cake soup, Mi Yuk Gook, Kim Chi, To-fu stew and much more.

The Shrine Karaoke side dish menu includes the following:

– Assorted Fresh Fruit Dish
– Juice Mixed with Fruits
– Assorted Fresh Salad Dish
– Assorted Dried Food Dish
– Shrimp Salad
– Deep Fried Squid
– Sauteed Rice Cake with Seafood
– Dried Squid & Fish
– Grilled Eel with Special Sauce
– Sliced Raw Seal Snail
– Seafood Rice Soup
– Seafood Pasta
– Spice Roe Stew
– Fish Cake Soup
– Sauteed Kimchi w/Tofu
– Beef Tempura with Sweet & Sour Sauce
– Deep Fried Chicken Wings
– And much more!

Paired with the delicious choices for food, you’ll find a beer menu that features high end beers and Hite. For designated drivers, a wide variety of fresh juice is available, iced coffee and teas, sparkling water and pitchers of juice. The best deal in the house if to order a combo that includes a bottle of whiskey, vodka, tequila, cognac or champagne, 2 dishes from the menu and 2 bottles of Voss, or sodas. With your combo, karaoke is free until 2 in the morning.

You and your guests will have a terrific time at the Korean karaoke room in LA. Visit online at ShrineKaraoke.com to check out their beautiful gallery where you can see first hand what their amazing Egyptian motif looks like. While there, book your reservation at the hottest Korean Karaoke spot in LA. Korean Karaoke In LA
2999 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020

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